Australia’s Affordable 29er…The CELL X-29!

Why are 29ers so popular? Converts say that they enjoy reduced rolling resistance (which makes you go faster), a noticible increase in stability (which translates into more confidence) while not sacrificing quick handling & response, and most importantly…larger 29″ wheels roll over obstacles more easily due to a decreased approach angle!

29er riders love the fact that the larger wheels are less likely to sink into soft dirt, sand, and mud…which means you can maintain your speed and not have to worry about getting bogged down.

A longer contact patch, due to the increased area of the tyre massively increases cornering and straight line traction.

Another huge advantage that 29er riders enjoy is that the larger wheels raise the clearance height of the bottom bracket, cranks and chain rings, thus improving ground clearance (no more getting stuck on logs, rocks, and other obstacles).

Although you don’t need to be super tall, larger riders really appreciate the added legroom that 29ers give you!

The CELL X-29 offers you a chance to finally ride a 29er at an affordable price! Hundreds less than the next cheapest big-name brand bike, the X-29 gives you impressive value at an unbelievable price!  So, if you need more speed, more stability (but with no loss of handling), more clearance, and more room… the X-29 is for you!

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