Bike Polo Riders Arrested & Detained!

Here’s a story worth a read from the awesome guys from MKE bike polo! Goes to show you how those in positions of authority can really abuse it…when they are bored…

Milwaukee bike polo Arrested!

Above: A mug shot from the arrest.

During a Sunday pick-up game, ten members and one spectator of the Milwaukee Bike Polo Club were arrested and charged with “trespassing a dwelling” at the O’Donnell parking structure in downtown Milwaukee. Below is a first hand account:

An unmarked Buick Century approached with three undercover sheriff’s deputies.  The officers sprung out of the car and instantly shouted “every one come here and against the wall”.  They count us out eleven then proceeded to note, “I thought there were 12” (Lodi had snuck out 5 mins before the bust).  The officer then told us that we were under arrest and would be receiving trespassing tickets for $263 each.  We tried to talk our way out of the situation but that lasted about 30 seconds. One by one we gave our information and received a ticket.  We were then told by one of the officers that we were being detained but no is under arrest, specifically he said “if you are asked by a cop or employer have you ever been arrested say no”. We were then zipped tied and the officers explained that we would be going downtown to be processed and released and that it should not take too long, that essentially “it’s just like a speeding ticket”. This led to confusion for us since when you get a speeding ticket, you don’t usually go to jail, right?

We asked about our bikes and the female officer who was calling the shots told us that they will be taken to the Wauwatosa sub-station and could be picked up the next day.   For all of us, bikes are our main source of transportation and Wauwatosa is a suburb of Milwaukee, miles out from the core of the city where we all live.  We pleaded with them to let us lock our bikes to a rack, no dice.

The officers then proceeded to take us over to our bags while we are handcuffed and tell us to pack up. We can’t do much with our hands behind our backs so they had to pack everything for us mixing our belongings amongst the many bags.  Repeatedly the officers noted “Damn, I thought this would be much easier!” and complained that they would not be able to listen to the Packer game in their warm car. We finally get our bags together and they start grabbing our bikes.  Since our bikes are rather important to us, we protested with “hey we haven’t told you whose is whose yet”.  The woman in charge declares “it’s freezing cold and you’re worried about bikes? Fine have it your way?”.  So they gave us all a nice sticker or new spoke card identifying our bikes.  The officers then threw all of our bikes in a big bus.

Next, we followed our bikes into the back of the bus, which is as cold as freezer since the temperatures outside were around negative ten degrees with the wind chill (I believe the Allen Bradley tower was showing a temperature of about ten degrees without the wind chill).  We sat in the bus for about fifteen minutes before moving and then we were off to the county court house.  Upon arriving the female officer noted how cold the back of the bus was despite the fact that apparently she was “dying” of the heat in the front.  The officers then rolled their eyes and helped us out of the bus.  We are then handcuffed to a bench and are individually given a quick run through of our bags, throwing out any food and looking for weapons.  Then off to the next room, where we found another bench with cuffs.

We sat in this room amongst true criminals.  Shoulder to shoulder with thieves, drug addicts, and prostitutes.  Some of us sat waiting, chained to a bench for up to 8 hours, without knowing what the next step was going to be.  I was the lucky one who got called first.  They took me into a room searched, my bag, had me sign a form detailing the contents of my bag, then gave me a personal pat down search.  This took about a half hour.  Then off to the next room where you sit on another bench to wait and wait.

Next, they call you up for a few questions, including what the highest grade in school you achieved, missing any teeth, job, tattoos, you name it.  Next it’s picture time, then on to prints.  Then back to the bench.  Finally Brian made it through, I thought to myself, I finally have someone to talk to.  At around ten in the evening (mind you we had been arrested just after five), there was a shift change, leading to an hour of officers standing around chatting and trying to figure out the situation.  Then one player at time, we watched everyone get searched and make it into our room.  Since our bags were so big, it took some people up to 40 minutes to be fully searched.

We asked numerous people what the next for us was going to be, with some saying simply “that’s not my job” and others responding with “you’re going up stairs to a cell”. Once the officers figured out that we were there for bike polo, they laughed and said things along the lines of  “I can’t believe that the sheriffs would waste everyone’s time with a book and release for a simple citation”.  After a few hours they stopped laughing and were legitimately angry that we were still coming through while the line was being backed up with real criminals.

Hours and hours go by and at 2:30am, I was released.  I had been arrested at 5:30pm.  I was lucky to be the first released, some did not make it out until 4am.  In the end, four college students, four college graduates, an Artist, two bicycle mechanics and new player were arrested for the police to find absolutely nothing.  No drugs were found, no warrants were issued, not a damn thing.  They wasted our time and the city’s over a simple game that we are passionate about, bike polo.

- Eric

Fixie Bike Riders Celebrate Chinese New Gear in Brisbane!

CELL Bikes is proud to sponsor ‘Chinese New Gear’, a multiple stage scenic ride (alley cat) with many prizes up for grabs!


Event: Chinese New Gear
Type: Multiple Stage Scenic Ride
Prizes: Yes – many prizes up for grabs…!!!

Date: Saturday Feb 27 2010
Time: 7pm
Bring: Helmet, lights, bell, pen, bag

Famous Fixed Gear Bikes vs CELL Mallet, Solo, & Cileto!

How more famous fixed gear bikes stack up against the Mallet2, Solo, & Cileto? Let’s have a look!

The SE Racing Lager is a decent set of kit for around $750. But,  for roughly the same spec parts and with the Mallet 2 having deep 43mm wall rims,

we feel that not only do you pay $250 less, you get a very competitive bike!

The Kona Paddy Wagon features very similar spec frame, fork, and parts to the Solo, however with exception to a very nice WTB Rocket V Comp bike saddle.

Paying $999 versus $599, unless you are a die-hard Kona fan, the Solo should warrant serious consideration.

The Masi Speciale LTD Flat Bar for $1,399 features classic Italian styling, a famous Italian name, Oury Bike Grips (a bike messenger favourite), Sugino RD2 Messenger Crank, along with rock solid MKS Sylvan Pedals make for a really flash looking bike. The Cileto at $899 comes with fully lugged construction, sugino messenger cranks, double toe straps, built-in chain tensioners and more.

Stop by our retail shop and see for  yourself! Both feature really good fixie cranksets and look traditional. However, classic Italian styling and pedigree are priceless.

The Focale 44 (F44) Relax is an awesome super uber urban fixie featuring one-piece flat bar & stem! The plastic seat and pedals show that this bike is keeping up with what riders currently want.

The gold anodized hubs offer a dramatic contrast to the subdued swamp green or dark grey available finishes.  However for $300 less and similar spec to boot, the Solo may seem like an option if you want to give fixie riding a go!

The Giant Bowery is one of the few Alloy frame fixie track bikes on this list, but alloy makes for a lighter and stiffer ride than steel.  However steel offers a more comfortable ride, due to its natural properties of absorbing some road shock, instead of transfering it straight to your bum or spine and wrists.

Many riders find stiff, lightweight alloy the way to go in a velodrome, but on real world streets filled with pot holes and other hazards, steel is a popular choice.  The Bowery offers a very cool retro road saddle with rivets (ala Brooks) along with double-leather straps!  At $799, the Giant Bowery is $200 more than the Solo, but $200 is…$200!

The Specialized Langster, like the Giant Bowery, features a lightweight alloy frame, but also comes with carbon forks, and Sugino Zen 42T Messenger Cranks!

Is it worth $900 more ($1,499rrp)than the Solo?  You can definitely add-on carbon forks and Sugino Zen Messenger Cranks for a lot less than $1,000 to a Solo , but then again, Specialized has a great name and is a very well known brand!

The Trek T1 is a very HOT and SEXY track bike with an alloy frame and carbon fork! You get very serious looking Bontrager Select track wheels, along with an integrated, sealed cartridge bearing alloy headset, along with Cane Creek 3 Brakes w/ Shimano R400 levers!

You even get a Dura-Ace 15T track cog! The price to sit on one and take home is only $2,899.  Is it worth it? The Hydroformed Alloy tubes look very sexy and tough, while providing ZERO-flex, so eventhough it may be like comparing a Chevrolet Corvette to a Suzuki Swift, people looking to get the awesome Trek T1 may not be concerned that it costs $2,300 more than the Solo!

The Charge Plug is one of many sick bikes from Charge, a relatively new bike company in the UK that makes complete bikes, frames, parts, and soft goods that cater to riders who want something a bit different from mainstream companies.

The Charge Plug at $1,149 features a Tange plain gauge, heat treated frame, along with Tange Chromoly forks.  Some of the nicer parts include a Sugino RD2 Messenger 42T crank w/ 170mm arms, Wellgo LU-962 pedals, Alex DM18 Rims and their own comfortable Charge Spoon saddle.  The Cileto is similarly spec’d, but has a fully lugged frame & fork, double toe-straps and built-in chain tensioners!  If you need your fixie to say “Charge” on it, then the Cileto isn’t for you, but since most riders ride bikes w/o decals, no one will know that you only paid $899 (unless you tell them), since the Cileto has removable decals.

Last but not least, the iconic Surly Steamroller frame & fork for $999 is great if you have some fixie parts laying around, and want to build up your own fixie.  As purists say, “Fixies are built, not bought”…and “you don’t make friends with salad”.

If you are a purist, you won’t mind saving up and putting together a $2,000 fixie, the Surly frame & fork is a great place to start!  The Cileto also features a 4130 chromoly frame & fork with lugs, but you get a complete bike for the same price!

The CELL’s great range of fixed gear track bikes is a great way to introduce yourself to riding a fixie or flipping the rear wheel over and riding single speed!  Every bike mentioned above is a great bike and is perfect for someone, however if you just want to have a go, and don’t want to shell out much dosh, the Mallet, Solo, or Cileto is a GREAT bike to get you started!

An Oldie Buy A Goodie….Lance Armstrong Riding w/ the MASH SF crew!

Lance Armstrong Riding w/ The MASH S.F. Crew….Must See!

Lance Armstrong riding around with the crew from MASH S.F., watch at the end, when he shows ‘em how its done!