Ride the Rapha Rising Challenge? 18 Cell Strava Club riders managed to rise to the challenge and we’re proud to offer a small token of our appreciation!

A special thanks to the Cell Strava Club Members who shared their experiences:

  • Jeffrey Schulz - Jeffrey’s been a stalwart of the Cell Bikes Strava Club since day one and despite significant health issues, never ceases to inspire us all at Cell Bikes with his determination and ability to complete impressive rides. He smashed this challenge with almost 11,000m of climbing. Sadly, just after completing the challenge some drop kick stole his bikes from his Adelaide home. Keep an eye out for his Giant TCR Advanced SL and Yishun Time Trail frame. Check the discussion board for more details.
  • Renato Correia - Renato absolutely smashed it! He’s in Portugal, so is unlikely to use his voucher, but climbed over 20,000m in the 9 days. Inspirational! His final ride had over 3800m of climbing in 130km!
  • Andrew Pell - Sydney rider who gained his elevation around Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Mosman hills and a couple of rides north through Akuna Bay. I wonder if he saw any Cell Akuna bikes up there? We highly recommend all these rides that Andrew did. Check them out if you’re new to riding around Sydney.
  • Rey Royo - Rey did most of his riding for this challenge in the You Yangs. Despite working full time, inclement weather and a relatively small hill, he completed the challenge with 8844m. Well done!
  • Dave Musgrove - aka Bike Designer Dave, extended his usual 23km commute each day and rode every hill he could find around Clontarf and Mosman. He ended up overdoing it a bit, got a cold and had a sick day. So if the new Cell Bikes are delayed, blame Rapha Rising.
  • Benjamin Weser - Cell Bikes Stanmore store’s head mechanic is away on leave in Europe. Rapha Rising happened to be at the same time as his MTB riding holiday with his family in Austria. Yes, he did over 10,000m of climbing on his MTB!

If you see your name below, contact me ( and a brand spanking new, shiny, hot off the press $20 voucher will be organised for you.



Strava Club Winner

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