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We established the Cell Bikes STRAVA club to encourage and reward people with their inspirational efforts and support for great causes.

Congrats to George Mihailides who is doing both, and his attempt to climb the height of Mount Everest in a single bike ride by going up and down the same hill repeatedly until he’s ascended 8848 meters.

George, please email me at (mark@cellbikes.com.au) to claim your reward!



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George Mihailides

George Mihailides 
On Saturday May 24, 2014 I will be attempting an Everesting.

Basically this means I will be trying to climb the height of Mount Everest in a single ride by going up and down the same hill repeatedly until I’ve ascended 8848 meters (if you are curious to learn more about Everesting, you can go here: http://www.everesting.cc/).

I have decided to dedicate this ride to the street people of Australia and have established a charity in support of Swags for the Homeless.

Unfortunately we live in a world in which some people literally have to sleep on the street every night.

If you work in and around the city centre, you’ll know whom I’m talking about. They are the folk in raggedy filthy clothing carting around a worn out piece of luggage that contains all their worldly possessions. They are the folk whom we pretend don’t exist; whom we often callously
ignore and say to ourselves that they only have themselves to blame.

All I can say to that is, there but for the grace of a higher power goes me. I was once very nearly one of them.  It could be you one day.

Any amount of suffering I endure on Saturday pales in comparison to the circumstances of these people. So I ask, if you have the capacity and can find the generosity of spirit, please donate to Swags for the Homeless by following this link:

In return, I thank you, sincerely, and hereby commit to giving my best on Saturday.

All donations will go directly to the charity (i.e. not to me personally) and amounts above $2.00 can be kept out of Joe Hockey’s fat and growing coffers.

For anyone wishing to provide moral support on Saturday, I will be attempting to climb this segment 253 times:

It will be a 255KM journey which I hope to complete inside of 18 hours commencing 5:00AM.

You will be most welcome but to be honest, I would much rather you donate to my chosen cause.

I will post a ride report next week.

Thanks for reading.

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