Want to be Festive but not Flabby over the Holidays? 5 Tips!

Want to stay fit during the Silly Season and avoid weight gain over the Christmas holidays?

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Christmas & New Years always pose the biggest threat to your weight, fitness and motivation levels every single year. There are office parties, family dinners, getting together with friends for holiday drinks, which all add up to more calories and more flab. The trick is to find a healthy balance between enjoying year end festivities with family, friends, and co-workers, without totally binning all the fitness you’ve established before the holidays began.

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Here are top five ways to avoid weight gain over the Christmas holidays:

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1. Reduce your weekly rides by one
If you ride 3 times per week, then schedule 2 rides per week. If you ride 4 times per week, then schedule 3 rides per week. Any extra rides you get in are a bonus, that way you won’t feel like you’ve totally fallen off the fitness wagon.

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2. Hydrate
Drink two glasses of water or sparkling water between each alcoholic drink, this will help keep you hydrated and potentially limit your alcohol intake. If you remain hydrated, you’ll feel better the next day, and be more motivated to get on your bike.

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3. Snack
Never go to a holiday party hungry. Have a small snack that consists of a little bit of protein and a little bit of carbohydrate, about an hour before you leave home. This will stop you from diving into a plate of chips and dip, or cheese and high calorie snacks while you’re at the party.

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4. Get intense
If you’re squeezed for time but don’t want to miss a ride, then shorten one of your rides and make it more intense. Throw some 30 second or one minute intervals into the ride. That burns extra calories and boosts your adrenalin, motivating you to get back on the bike again throughout the week.


5. Join a class
If your motivation is waning and you’re finding it hard to climb onto your trainer, then find a spin class and do one of your rides with a group. That will help boost your motivation and mix up your routine a little.

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Happy holidays. Enjoy the festivities of the season, but still manage to fit in some saddle time. Not only will that help keep your waist line trim, but will also help you to maintain your fitness level.

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