CELL Strava Club Brings Christmas Early!

The CELL Bikes Strava Club is about more than raw numbers and huge figures. While those who put in the time and effort to ride with such determination will be recognised, we also like to show our support for riders who are trying to reach personal goals, as well as those being on their way to achieving a personal milestone.

Our latest winner embodies this.

Our CELL Bikes Strava Club #WINNER is Paolo Franks!

Paolo is great inspiration for people of all ages, and shows that it only takes making a choice to improve yourself to be on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

On behalf of CELL Bikes, we’d like to offer you an Otway 1.0 to help keep you on your path to fitness, while inspiring others to do the same. We hope you could be an ambassador for those needing a helping hand to follow you with inspiration.

Paolo Strava

Here is one of Paolo’s rides, a great effort for starting out mate!

Pablo Strava

Please note, prizes are awarded to riders based on many factors, including great efforts, personal achievements, most improved and other factors.

Personal milestones and rides that inspire others are all in the running, feel free to share with the rest of the club if you’ve reached a personal goal or found an inspirational ride that you would recommend to others. Simply make a post in the Club’s discussion section.

Please contact Mark (mark@cellbikes.com.au) to receive your Promotion Code Voucher.

What Is Strava?

STRAVA is a madly addictive app that has cyclists battling to be the virtual king of the road. Strava is changing the way you ride!

Strava, a website and app, has brilliantly tapped the power of GPS to change the way millions ride. Strava turns your solo or group rides into a real-life computer game.

Strava works by allowing cyclists to upload rides recorded via its smartphone app or any GPS bike computer such as Garmin. Routes, be they 5km commutes or 100km+ rides are mapped alongside times and data such as power output. Members may follow each other and create “segments”, turning stretches of road into virtual race tracks.

If a route takes in a segment, Strava automatically ranks the rider’s time. The cyclist with the best time wins King of the Mountain (KOM), a name taken from the Tour de France, where pros fight to be awarded the polka-dot jersey for best climber.

Strava gives you a ‘virtual locker room’ where you can share workouts among friends.

Strava fans say: “A bunch of grown men trying to compare where they stand seemed like a silly thing to do,” “But then you get into it and realise how much fun it is and what it adds to your riding. You use it to find key climbs if you go somewhere new. If a friend does a long ride somewhere, I get an alert and can send them a note saying well done.”

Another Strava fan says: “It allows you to track your progress and see how you compare with others without having to go through the formal or scary racing process,” “I definitely try to beat other cyclists and the first time I got KOM I pretty much danced around the house.”

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