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The GoPro Hero3 is smaller, lighter, and features built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. The Black Edition offers a number of ultra-high-resolution capture modes and high frame rates for standard HD resolutions; burst speeds for still photos has been greatly improved.

The GoPro Hero3 Silver and White editions are strong contenders in the sports camera market, but the faster, more powerful Black Edition is head and shoulders the best sports camera on the market today.

The GoPro’s appeal. It’s a small, high-def camera that you can attach to anything and control via a remote, a phone app or your computer. The image looks gorgeous and fish-eyed and shoots up to 4K video (at 12FPS)

Hacker friendly, the camera runs a webserver that streams the video out to your device (viewable via VLC or whatever). It also has a port on the back for attaching a screen or whatever you like.

For most, the biggest draw is watching GoPro videos on YouTube. Watching people backflip off cliffs, jump over taxis and speed down steep cliffs makes you want to buy one and leap out of a plane, filming your whole adventure!

Owning one doesn’t mean you’ll be doing what you see in other videos, but at least you’ll know you can if you want to!

If you are not into sports the camera is still fantastic to use. Just strap it to your dog, or film your cat in 120fps and then slow it down. If you want to make beautiful time lapse videos get an egg timer from Ikea and stick it on the top, take photos for 30 mins, voila!

Here is our TOP GoPro Product:

GoPro HD Hero3 Black Edition-Adventure Camera

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