CELL Bikes STRAVA Club! Here are the WINNERS!


Although our weekly Strava Club will usually have one winner, this week, to kick things off, we’ll have three! There will usually be one $50 Winner, but this week, we’ll have a $50, $25, and $10 Winner.

Congratulations to Brendan Byatt for a huge effort last week with an individual ride over 270km and 7687m of climbing in one week, we have to congratulate Brendan on his massive effort. A $50 Voucher is yours.

He and five others knocked Cell Stanmore’s Panda Pantani off the podium with his humble 342km total.

Congratulations to Ian Butler for being last week’s Distance Leader with 425.51km ridden! A $25 Voucher is headed your way.

Congratulations to Gordo Brewster for an equally consistent effort coming in 3rd for Distance, 2nd for Longest Ride, and 2nd for Climing! Well done mate. A $10 Voucher is yours.

Now remember, each week’s total finishes at the end of Sunday. So commuters beware, the weekend warriors will jump up the ranks over the weekend!

Please note, prizes are awarded to riders based on many factors, including great efforts, personal achievements, most improved and other factors.

Personal milestones and rides that inspire others are all in the running, feel free to share with the rest of the club if you’ve reached a personal goal or found an inspirational ride that you would recommend to others. Simply make a post in the Club’s discussion section.

Please contact Mark (mark@cellbikes.com.au) to receive your Promotion Code Vouchers.

What Is Strava?

STRAVA is a madly addictive app that has cyclists battling to be the virtual king of the road. Strava is changing the way you ride!

Strava, a website and app, has brilliantly tapped the power of GPS to change the way millions ride. Strava turns your solo or group rides into a real-life computer game.

Strava works by allowing cyclists to upload rides recorded via its smartphone app or any GPS bike computer such as Garmin. Routes, be they 5km commutes or 100km+ rides are mapped alongside times and data such as power output. Members may follow each other and create “segments”, turning stretches of road into virtual race tracks.

If a route takes in a segment, Strava automatically ranks the rider’s time. The cyclist with the best time wins King of the Mountain (KOM), a name taken from the Tour de France, where pros fight to be awarded the polka-dot jersey for best climber.

Strava gives you a ‘virtual locker room’ where you can share workouts among friends.

Strava fans say: “A bunch of grown men trying to compare where they stand seemed like a silly thing to do,” “But then you get into it and realise how much fun it is and what it adds to your riding. You use it to find key climbs if you go somewhere new. If a friend does a long ride somewhere, I get an alert and can send them a note saying well done.”

Another Strava fan says: “It allows you to track your progress and see how you compare with others without having to go through the formal or scary racing process,” “I definitely try to beat other cyclists and the first time I got KOM I pretty much danced around the house.”


Scariest Bike Ride

At first, I thought it’d be interesting to post something about ‘spooky bikes’ but when researching, there’s actually a bike company with this name (making high-end customs, wow!). Finding ‘haunted’ bike rides, or possessed bicycles, or even a demonic bike accessory proved quite daunting…

But…what’s scarier than real life? Nothing! As long as you’re talking about cycling.

If you google ‘most dangerous bike ride’, you’ll most likely find the images that are shown below at chilloutpoint.com.

On this page you’ll see pics from The Cliffs of Moher! Part Lord of the Rings, part Jurassic Park, and ALL Terrifying!

This could be a scene straight out of a Sci-Fi movie, but it’s not. The Cliffs of Moher are located at the southwestern edge of the Burren region in County Clare, Ireland. If you’re in the area and have gigantic balls, and a fully functioning, properly working bike, try it!

One would assume that the order of the day would be ‘Don’t look down’! If roller coasters, bungy jumping and diving with sharks don’t get a thrill, hopefully riding this would.

How would you describe anyone who rode this? Crazy? Nutz? Mad? Brave? Maybe all of the above!

What’s the scariest ride you’ve ever done? If the above is a ’10′, where would yours rank?

BBB Cycling: Tested in the World’s Toughest Races. Available at CELL Bikes Now!

Hoogerland Polka Dot

BBB and the Tour de France

The Tour de France is the perfect race to test to latest new products for the upcoming year. For example last year riders tested the BBB Select sport glasses. With feedback received after intensive three week use, BBB could make the final change to produce the comfortable Select you can now buy from CELL Bikes.

Besides the product testing BBB also prepares helmets for the Tour de France classifications. So all sponsored teams are provided with yellow, green, white and polka dot helmet in case of.  

BBB has been part of Team Vacansoleil-DCM since 2010. The raw energy coming from such a young team that’s determined to show themselves in every possible way can only function as an inspiration. Victories, long escapes, podium places and several days in the Tour’s mountain jersey are testament to how this team of young guns are determined to show that they are worthy of their place in the World Tour.

BBB is the official supplier of Team Vacansoleil-DCM.

The nine riders of Team Cofidis this Tour de France are:

  • Remy Di Gregorio
  • Samuel Dumoulin
  • Julien Fouchard
  • Jan Ghyselinck
  • Nicolas Edet
  • Luis Angel Mate Mardones
  • David Moncoutié
  • Rein Taaramae
  • Romain Zingle

Hopefully the visit to the wind tunnel test last year to fine-tune the aerodynamic design of our TriBase time trail and triathlon helmet.

Team Cofidis will be supplied by BBB.
David Moncoutié will also ride with BBB Select sport glasses.

CELL Bikes at the Bike and Lifestyle Show (New Models Previewed!)

The Bike & Lifestyle Show’s 3rd year was the biggest and best yet for CELL Bikes and the show!

The relocation to Sydney Olympic Park provided the perfect setting to preview our new models and range.

Here’s a photo blog of what went down:


Our biggest display yet! Our Bike Designer Dave (blue shirt on the right with cup) was on hand to present our newest range to the public.

Our new carbon road bikes, the Omeo and the Akuna were the main attractions of our display, for a better look, check out our Facebook page! Click Here. Click Here. Click Here. or Here.

Our fixies were especially popular with couples dressed in vibrant colours. Coincidence?

Wonder what they’re look at? Click Here.

Our Chief Operations Officer Michael, listening to a great yarn.

For more pics and news, please go to our CELL Bikes Facebook page.

Fro more pics of our ‘Secret Stuff’, please go to our CELL Bikes Pinterest page.