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CELL Bikes Spring Cycle

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Sydney Bike Store Specials

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Sydney Bike Shop Specials and Melbourne Store Deals!

Sydney Bike Shop

Stop by our Sydney Bike Shop if your helmet is getting old and you want to upgrade to a nice, sexy, fast and aero Italian Kask K10!

Visit us and say ‘hello’ if you’re looking for a gorgeous retro 3-speed with the CELL Cixte! Vintage styling with modern gears makes this one of our most popular urban bikes!
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Sydney Bike Shop Deals and Specials


GOLD Medal Winner Rides a CELL Carbon Victor Road Bike to Victory!

Champions Ride CELL Bikes to GOLD Medal Finishes

Congrats to Chloe Heffernan on WINNING a GOLD Medal in the Women’s U15 30km Road Event at the recent Australian Junior Road Championships in Wagga Wagga.

Chloe was part of an Illawarra Academy of Sport squad that dominated with SIX medals across THREE events showing their hard work and effort paid off.

Chloe Heffernan and Natasha Mullany on the podium for GOLD and Silver

Illarwarra Academy of Sport’s Chloe Heffernan (1st) and Natasha Mullany (2nd) taking GOLD and Silver on the Podium.

Chloe Heffernan and her CELL Victor

Congrats Chloe!

Natasha and Chloe

Natasha and Chloe from the Illawarra Academy of Sport celebrating their hard work with smiles, medals, and most importantly, stuffed kangaroos ; )

U-15 Women Chloe Heffernan 1st Place Gold

Hard work and effort pays off!

Chloe and her blue CELL Cixte

Chloe on her CELL Cixte, when she’s not training or racing or winning medals. (Photo courtesy of

Chloe  Heffernan and her RED CELL Cixte

Chloe on her Red CELL Cixte, with some lovely ladies riding clothing from Cyclette. (Photo courtesy of

CELL and Cyclette are two Australian brands from Sydney! If you are a woman and cycle, check them out!

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SEE WhatInstore in Sydney and Melbourne

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International Australian Model and Blogger and Her CELL Bike

Hi Everyone,

Meet Zanita Whittington (Morgan), an International Australian model, Blogger and CELL Bike owner.

About Zanita:

The Beach

Has been a model for 7 years.

Zanita Whittington and Her CELL Bikes Syren

Obviously has great taste in bikes.

Zanita Whittington Pink

Loves clogs.

Has  been blogging for over 5 years and counting.

Uses a Nikon D700 for her images she takes herself.

Thank you Zanita for being a CELL Bikes customer and for your support!

All the best in your Blogging and Photography career.


CELL Bikes Fitzroy North Facebook Feedback WINNER

CELL Bikes Fitzroy North Feedback

Thank you for taking your time to visit our CELL Bikes Melbourne Fitzroy North Facebook page and offer Feedback!

So many of you gave great feedback for not just the Fitzroy North bike store, but for the website and our other store, which is most appreciated.

And the WINNER is…
CELL Bikes Melbourne Fitzroy North Feedback Winner

This comment is referring to what Bike Snob NYC also took note of, on his trip to Australia!

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Facebook Caption This Winner is

Facebook Caption This

Hi Everyone! Thanks for all of your great comments!

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Thanks again!

And the Winner is…

Facebook Caption This Winner

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WINNER of ‘Who is in the Wrong’ Post on Facebook. And the Winner is….

Dangerous Drivers and Cautious Cyclists

Thanks to the gents and lady who commented!

And the Winner is….

Cyclist vs Dangerous Driver on Phone While Driving

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Cheers, website mgr Mark

WINNER of CAPTION THIS Facebook Page Post….and the WINNER is…

Facebook Caption This WINNER!

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