Mountain Bikes VS Road Bikes

Mountain Bikes VS Road Bikes for the Urban Jungle. Which is better? Is one better?

It depends on what you need and who you ask!

Looking for a durable bike for short (under 5km) commutes, something that can ride over and through gutters? Something that is easier to ride for new beginners, or people getting on a bike again?

The choice would have to be Mountain Bike!

Casual and serious commuters alike love a mountain bike’s versatility! Ride mainly on the road? No Problem. Just throw on some road tyres (for mountain bikes).

What else makes Mountain Bikes a ‘Go-To’ choice? How about the ability to throw on a rear rack, and get that heavy backpack off, and save your sore back, and carry the weight on the bike where it belongs!

Does your commute have potholes and other lurking nasties waiting to puncture your tyres, or do their best to buckle those rims? What makes road bikes shake in their boots, are taken in stride by a mountain bike. Stronger construction, robust design, and front forks make for a more confidence inspiring ride. Don’t forget disc brakes! While disc brakes are making their way to road bikes, they won’t be cheap, and you can buy a CELL Mountain Bike with disc brakes for a song!

When is a Road Bike the BEST choice?

If you need to go a long distance quickly (over 10km+) and you have long stretches of road that need to be ‘gobbled up’, there’s nothing better than a roadie!

In the urban jungle, crowded city streets, with pedestrians and traffic at every turn….a mountain bike’s stable handling will be in its best environment.

Also, don’t forget…a Mountain Bike is made for…Off-Road! Having the ability to simply change your tyres from road-specific mountain bike slicks, to serious mountain bike tyres is an advantage for some, that will make a mountain bike their ride of choice!

4 thoughts on “Mountain Bikes VS Road Bikes

  1. I think for the sub 5km urban ride on OK surfaces a light weight single speed with flat bars is a better option than either of those. I have a single speed for short urban commutes, MTB for off road and riding with the kids and a roadie for longer 30km+ rides. Of course 3 bikes takes up more space at home!

  2. Neither road nor MTB, my cyclocross bike, a Colnago World Cup 2.0 is bulletproof, fast and goes up down gutters and anything else. I’ve even ridden it on the Mt Annan enduro trail! It has disc brakes for wet weather, and a top shimano 105 groupset so it gets along as fast as you like. It’s my all round bike. I still like my GT full suspension MTB for trails and I also ride a Wilier Imperiale for 100k + road rides BUT for the city, nothing beats the tough allrounder the Colnago. I keep it handy in the back of my wagon for commutes to save on parking and fuel.

  3. Getting too old for off-roading but not wanting to shake my bones to bits I was delighted to find a new type of bike hitting our roads – the ‘hybrid’. Immediately I was interested. But we’re these bikes merely road-tyres mountain bikes? No, they had a different frame, semi-road gearing and disk brakes. So I tried one…and loved it! It looked good, too.

    Can I keep up with my son on his road bike up a long hill? No, of course not, but it’s probably not the bike’s fault, he’s 30 years younger than me! However, do I enjoy 40km on a Saturday morning with friends? Am I on a bike thoroughly enjoying myself getting fit? Do I regret not having discovered this thoroughly delightful sport? Absolutely to all the above.

    My bike is definitely more than a mountain bike with road tyres. And, as Maxwell would say, loving it,

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