Adventures in Cycling: Who is in the wrong?

Who is in the wrong?

By Bike Designer Dave


I commute to work every day by bike. Riding a bike 40km a day in Sydney’s peak hour traffic provides a fair bit of time and an unfair number of unnerving experiences upon which to ponder the essence of humanity. This morning, like most Friday mornings, was relatively quiet on the roads; far less cars getting in my way but also less bike riders out than usual. So I was having a fast yet uneventful ride until a series of events along a twenty metre section of Kent St startled me back into pondering mode.

I was riding along the bike lane when suddenly, a Ute travelling the same direction swung across the bike lane in front of me, pulling into a driveway. After a defensive yelp, at a pitch I’m not proud of, the driver stopped his Ute just in time so I could swerve around his bonnet rather than get t-boned and driven into the pavement. As I looked back at him to give the “use-your-bloody-eyes” hand signal, I noticed he was busy multitasking, with the majority of his focus directed to his “smart” phone.

At the next intersection I planned to turn right, so left the bike lane and waited for my green arrow in a right turn lane. Most other riders, pedestrians and motor vehicles also waited patiently for their turn to cross the intersection. Then, just as the pedestrians crossing the bike lane got their “green man”, an impatient bike rider ran the gauntlet, safely avoiding any cars but barely missing a handful of startled pedestrians.

Finally I was given the green light to turn right, however a pedestrian’s instincts told him it was his turn to cross in front of me and the line of law abiding vehicle drivers behind me, despite his comrades not moving, the “red man” standing stationary and a stream of peak hour traffic hurtling toward him. So I safely maneuvered around him and continued on my ride; pondering, who is in the wrong?

From this twenty metres of evidence, it’s hard to conclude otherwise that some motorists, bike riders and pedestrians ALL do the wrong thing! Although the majority of road users in this exemplar were following the rules, a few selfish, perhaps ignorant individuals considered saving seconds of their own time more important than the health and safety of other humans, and in some situations, even their own!

So, considering this undeniable conclusion, how should one react when they see such illegal behaviour? Options include declaring “War On Our Roads”, demand all road users (pedestrians included) to “pay rego”, simply run innocent individuals off the road in a bigoted act of retaliation, then tweet about the “#bloodycyclists” later, or blame mandatory helmet laws for motorists’ road rage.

Personally, I like to continue riding my bike, wearing my helmet, following the road rules most of the time (sometimes I feel it’s safer to hop a gutter than get squeezed by a bus, or turn right safely on a red to avoid being rear ended while perched defenselessly in an intersection), overtaking on the left of stationary or slow moving traffic and keep beating the majority of vehicles to my destinations. When someone does the “wrong thing” and it has a negative effect on me, I’ll politely suggest they don’t do this, without threatening their life. I also pay my car rego, income tax and Council rates and am still overwhelmed by the bad state of some roads. However, I wait until I’m finished driving before ranting about it with my smart phone.

CELL Rider of the Month: Meet Torsten and his CELL X-2

Torsten and His Mountain Bike Commuting Hybrid the CELL X-2

MEET Torsten! Facts:

  • Torsten rides his CELL X2 to work – Manly to Sydney CBD.
  • He’s equipped his X2 with rear Topeak rack and bag, full length fenders and even has an iPhone mount to see his stats on Strava.
  • He really hauls!
  • He chose the X2 over a road bike because of the Shimano hydraulic disc brakes which provide great braking control in all conditions, especially wet weather.
  • He took the wet weather performance to another level by installing full length fenders, so now that he’s not stuck on the bus on rainy days.
  • He commutes 5 days a week – 15km each way.
  • His other deciding factor for the X2 was the value; he did his research and found it was the best value bike with those components available.

If you commute from Manly to the CBD say Hi to Torsten

This is how most people will see Torsten


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CELL Bikes Melbourne and Cycling Tips Tour de France Tipping Comp Winner Nicholas Deane

CELL Bikes Melbourne Tour de France Winner

Congrats to Nicholas Deane for winning Cycling Tips TdF tipping comp and picking up his brand new CELL Swift from Melbourne Fitzroy North store’s Paul Reed



15 AUGUST 2013

Words by Flow/Cell | Images by Flowtographer



BRC Ultralight 1400


Cell Bikes


  • PRICE: 159.00
  • WEIGHT: 360gm

The low-cost LED mountain bike light market has completely taken off in the last few years. With the huge drops in price for decent lighting systems, night riding has become a more popular and affordable exercise than ever.

Of course the competition between brands is fierce, with each claiming to offer more features and more power at lower and lower price points. The upshot is that there are a number of brands now clearly sourcing their lights from the same factories, making some minor modifications and then going into the price battle to win the custom of your nocturnal activities.

BEST 1400 lumen Mountain Bike light

BRC are one such brand, and their ULTRAStar 1400 is one such light. As the name would suggest, it pumps out a claimed 1400 lumens with burn and charge times that let you power up fast and ride for a long time.

The mounting system is basic but will fit any bike or helmet, and while the battery isn’t the most refined looking, well, cast your eyes at the price. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

BEST Mountain Bike Rechargeable Light 1400 lumens

The BRC 1400 lumen Ultrastar rechargeable LED Bike Light is one of the best value off-road lights available!

Handle bar and helmet compatible, this light is perfect for pitch black commuting trips or lighting up a 24 hour MTB race track.

  • Latest generation Hi-Output / Hi-Efficiency CREE bulbs
  • Super efficient and long lasting rechargeable battery (3.5hr burn time on HIGHEST setting…Quick charge time in less than 4hrs)
  • Compact and lightweight design – under 360 grams for the whole system
  • Approximately 200 metre effective range
  • NEW helmet mount with two 40cm Velcro straps for securing to vented helmets
  • NEW waterproof battery with NEW 4cm wide x 48cm long 2-in-1 velcro strap for securing to frame/stem

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Mountain Bikes VS Road Bikes

Mountain Bikes VS Road Bikes for the Urban Jungle. Which is better? Is one better?

It depends on what you need and who you ask!

Looking for a durable bike for short (under 5km) commutes, something that can ride over and through gutters? Something that is easier to ride for new beginners, or people getting on a bike again?

The choice would have to be Mountain Bike!

Casual and serious commuters alike love a mountain bike’s versatility! Ride mainly on the road? No Problem. Just throw on some road tyres (for mountain bikes).

What else makes Mountain Bikes a ‘Go-To’ choice? How about the ability to throw on a rear rack, and get that heavy backpack off, and save your sore back, and carry the weight on the bike where it belongs!

Does your commute have potholes and other lurking nasties waiting to puncture your tyres, or do their best to buckle those rims? What makes road bikes shake in their boots, are taken in stride by a mountain bike. Stronger construction, robust design, and front forks make for a more confidence inspiring ride. Don’t forget disc brakes! While disc brakes are making their way to road bikes, they won’t be cheap, and you can buy a CELL Mountain Bike with disc brakes for a song!

When is a Road Bike the BEST choice?

If you need to go a long distance quickly (over 10km+) and you have long stretches of road that need to be ‘gobbled up’, there’s nothing better than a roadie!

In the urban jungle, crowded city streets, with pedestrians and traffic at every turn….a mountain bike’s stable handling will be in its best environment.

Also, don’t forget…a Mountain Bike is made for…Off-Road! Having the ability to simply change your tyres from road-specific mountain bike slicks, to serious mountain bike tyres is an advantage for some, that will make a mountain bike their ride of choice!

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