Win A JetBlack M1 Pro Trainer! How Many Trainers Are On This Pallet?

Win a Trainer

Correctly guess how many JetBlack M-1 Pro Trainers are on this pallet and Win One!

Go to our Facebook Page and post how many you think there are, as well as why you deserve to win a trainer.

This prize cannot be redeemed for cash and is not transferable.

Have fun and good luck everyone!

24 thoughts on “Win A JetBlack M1 Pro Trainer! How Many Trainers Are On This Pallet?

  1. 78 – Nice riding in the cold, crisp mornings. Not keen on the wet, dark & miserable days. Need to train indoors.

  2. Looks like 32 M-1 Trainers on the pallet.

    Why I NEED to win – Too much work and not enough daylight in Winter – I need a trainer to get a ‘ride in’ during the week.

  3. Too many to count! 37 maybe??? I need one because it gets below freezing up here in the Adelaide Hills & I’m too soft to get out and ride then…..most of the time anyway ;)

  4. 32 Ah Ah Ah (in the count from Sesame Streets voice) I’ve wanted a jet black trainer for ages but just haven’t been able to afford one. I think they are awesome!

  5. 36 trainers and I have stopped riding to work because it is cold and gets dark by the time I get home. And not riding regularly is just killing me. I need a trainer so I don’t go insane.

  6. I’m hoping there are 48 trainers on the pallet. It would be great to win one, so that I can train when it is cold and wet outside.

  7. 64 trainers on the pallet?

    Why do I new it? Because my current trainer is so old an noisy it wakes the neighbours two houses down which make me unpopular at 5:30am!!!!

  8. 45 trainers on the pallet
    I live in Tassie. Do I need to say more as to why I wouldn’t fine an indoor trainer Veeeeeeeeeery useful!!!!!!?? down here at this time of year especially.

  9. There are 32 boxes on the pallet.

    I would like a JetBlack M-1 Pro Trainersto so that I canstay on top of my training when the weather turns bad.


  10. I think there are 32. I deserve the trainer because I have just been diagnosed a condition where I have to loose weight. I find it difficult to get out regularly

  11. Apologies do not have facebook.
    Guess 50 trainers
    I deserve trainer for a mate who really needs one ! I mean he really needs one !!

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