MEKK, the UK’s Hottest New road bike brand…Now at CELL Bikes!

Mekk is a collaboration between industry insiders Mark Edwards and Ken Knight, who were instrumental in establishing the GT brand in the UK, Mark and Ken bring a wealth of experience to the table.

Mekk use the slogan ‘Affordable Performance’ to describe their bikes. The Mekk 3G Potenza is a great looking carbon frame with a tall front end, and will suit those seeking a comfortable bike while offering blistering performance.

This bike will elevate you to a whole new level. Monocoque carbon frame and forks, full carbon with tapered carbon steering system and integral brake cables.

Mekk bicycles are designed to deliver the things that matter the most. With a Mekk you’re getting a high quality performance frame and fork, the heart of the bike, it’s what makes a bike great and the most important aspect when it comes to planning out any future upgrades.

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