CELL Bikes says ‘sorry’ to our customers, fans and visitors.

We would like to say ‘sorry’ for our Wednesday newsletter. We sent out Friday’s newsletter on Wednesday, but with Wednesday’s title.

This resulted in the newsletter title not matching the deals, and the products in the newsletter having non-discount prices, which inconvenienced many people who clicked-through, only to find higher prices.

We would never intentionally have a higher price, on a lower advertised price, or have a newsletter title which didn’t accurately describe the sales inside.

Please stay tuned for our ‘Make It Up to YOU’ Friday newsletter, which will be our way of saying ‘sorry’.

Thanks for your patience,

Website Mgr Mark

Caption Contest! (WIN a Fixie)

Best caption as chosen by us WINS a Fixie! We encourage voting, as it may sway our decision if we’re trying to determine a winner between 2 close entries.

The winner will be announced in our Friday, 24 August 2012 newsletter. Submissions and voting ends midnight Sunday, 19 August 2012.