The 1-man bike shop…

With the ease of ordering the latest parts and cycling gear, at the cheapest prices only a click away…what will become of the small, 1-person bike shop?

Will the need for the cheapest prices and global shipping signal the end for such businesses?

Is the 1-man bike shop a nearly extinct species that will see the end soon? Or can there be room for everyone?

How many of you purchase online only? Or shop exclusively at physical, bricks-and-mortar stores, or a bit of both?

What is most important to you? Saving the most money…or establishing a genuine relationship with someone who can provide advice from years of experience?

Please comment! Your thoughts, opinions, and viewpoints are most welcome!



Super Secret Sneak Peak…the Ultimate Urban Fixie!

proto fixie

Hey everyone!

Here’s a sneak peek at a bike that may be in the works, if you want to see it happen 100%, please comment!

This will happen only with your support! Let me know what you think!

Love it, or Hate it?

-FiXie Mark


Steel is REAL! 4130 Chromoly bikes are back and HOTTER than EVER!


After years of lightweight, super stiff alloy frames…steel frames are becoming popular again! Why? High quality steel (such as 4130, Reynolds, TruTemper and others) are now just as light, while offering more compliant riding characteristics. Speak ‘English’ you say? It means that steel has always been more ‘forgiving’ to ride, and not as ‘harsh’ as aluminium frames.

If you remember how fun your BMX was when you were a kid, but now when you throw a leg over your alloy racer, and sometimes find it a bit too stiff sometimes…consider steel!


Shimano 6770 Ultegra di2 shifting becomes affordable!

Electronic shifting is the future NOW! Just like CD’s killed cassettes, and DVD’s made VHS obsolete, you will see digital shifting systems gain more prominence and become more affordable in the near future.

Shimano Di2 technology enables faster, precise and multi-precision shifting plus automatic trimming*. (This means, when a rider shifts the rear derailleur, the front derailleur automatically adjusts, so there’s no need to trim. The result: no overlap or chain-rub. Also with an electronic system, there are no contaminated or stretched cables.) A great combination of Shimano Di2 advancement and CELL Bikes bringing you affordable technology you can ride now.

Electronic shifting is extremely ideal for urban commuters who demand the best that money can buy, or for touring enthusiasts, who relish efficiency during long, tiring journeys.


Just as major leaps in technology have made motorcycles and automobiles of the present, faster…easier to drive…and more powerful than the race cars of only a few decades ago, digital shifting will allow casual riders the same opportunity to ride in a similar way to their professional counterparts.

Do you have any opinions, or would like to share your thoughts? Please chime in! We’d love to hear from you! -Fixie Mark from Philly!


Brad Heffernan rides a 2012 CELL Victor Road Bike

Brad Heffernan CELL Victor 2012

Congrats to Brad Heffernan on his 4/3/12 A Grade 2nd place finish!

Also, a huge nod for Brad’s contribution in securing a Silver medal in the 2012 Junior Track Championship Under 17 Male Team Pursuit!

Brad rides a 2012 CELL Victor and we look forward to help support one of the next great stars of Australian cycling!

CELL Bikes in Shanghai! 1000′s of Bikes!

Colnago Ferrari Carbon Beam Bike

CELL Bikes had a chance to go to the 2012 Shanghai Bicycle Show from 26-27th of April and to say that we were floored with the thousands of different bikes on hand, would be an understatement!


($30,000+ Moulton!)

Judging by the multitudes of examples on the showroom floor, the big thing in Asia are e-bikes! While insanely popular in Asia and wildly popular in Europe, the e-bike phenomenon is still warming up in Australia. Any thoughts? Please comment!

Colnago C59 Carbon Disc Brake Road Bike 01

Upon hearing of disc brakes on road bikes, one might be a bit skeptical, but when seen in the flesh, and on a Colnago to boot, you can see that this IS the future (purists be damned).

Taking into consideration that squeezing a lever while a bike is locked-down on a stand, versus an actual mountain decent can be very different…the feel at the lever was excellent! No slack, mush brake feel here!

Basic Belt Drive

While belt-drive bikes may now be in its infancy, seeing how many manufacturers are gearing up (pun intended) and investing in this technology may have us waving ‘bye-bye’ to traditional linked chain bikes in the future. If anyone has concerns over the strength of a belt-drive, just look at what delivers a Harley Davidson’s power from the engine to the wheels!