Trizone’s Karl Hayes’ Vortex Triathlon Machine

Trizone Vortex ver3

My bike is the new Cell Bikes Vortex TT.

The first time I rode it was in January at Nowra.
They officially launched it in September, but Cell
Bikes got one sent in earlier in the year. I got a non-
painted frame so that I could get it custom-painted
at a later date.

I customised it with Peter Flemming from
Star Enamellers in Bankstown, Sydney. Peter
is awesome and one of the better bike painters
around. He does a lot of work for the major bike
brands and also for the custom bike builders. Great
to have ‘TRIZONE’ on my bike now.

The first outing was at a club time trial on
November 5 and it certainly got noticed. I also
raced the next day in Port Macquarie at the 70.3.1
was passed after a few kms by Blyth Vautier, then
slowly a few of the gun age groupers caught me. I
ended up with a 2:31:54 which was only around 15-
16 min behind the main front group of male pros.

I love it because it is a relatively new TT bike and
it gets the Trizone brand out in the market at the
races. I have had loads of positive comments. I
think secretly everyone wants to get their bike
custom painted. Another thing I’ll add to it is some
detailing. Nothing too over the top, but the white
and green Trizone stickers are just temporary
while I get people’s comments on what they think
it should look like. I’ll put all the ideas together and
come up with something suitable.

My first bike ever was a BMX bike. It was my pride
and joy until I did a wheely one day and the forks
came away from the frame. Needless to say there
were tears.

My other bike is a Cell Bikes Cellini road bike. I love
riding this as it feels totally different to the time trial
bike. I prefer to take this out on the long Sunday
rides with my mates.

The best ride I ever had was possibly at Port
Macquarie 70.3 recently. Although I could have
gone over 5mins faster if I didn’t do a 20km TT
the day before and have a few wines the night
before. Although I did have a great ride at the
Sydney ITU race this year.

My worst ride was
I look after it by servicing it myself regularly. I am
not over the top but I do like to clean it thoroughly
every now and then.

Look out for me
at most of the NSW triathlons around this season.
Mainly olympic and sprint this year, but will be
doing the Tuaranga Half Ironman and maybe race
in a few teams at other long course events. Falls
Creek is on the cards as well.

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