FREE Kids Bike for Christmas MERIDA Special! (look inside for details)

free merida kids bike large

An email will be sent to you after CELL Bikes has confirmed the promotion registration with AdvanceTraders (supplier).
From here, the purchase will be validated by Advance Traders.
Once validation is complete, the gift will be sent out to the store (if the gift is a bike) or directly to the customer (if the gift is a Flight Centre Voucher of MERIDA jersey)

Terms and Conditions:

Promotion runs 1st December -24th December 2011
Redemption forms will be up on the Advance Traders website for the duration of the promotion and 3 weeks after the
promotion concludes.
All sales eligible for promotion must be registered before 15th January 2012.
Kids bikes (selected models only) are subject to availability – model substitution will occur if out of stock.
Once a form has been submitted, both the sales assistant and customer will receive an email of confirmation.
All entries/purchases/serial numbers from the web forms will be validated by Advance Traders before gifts are sent out.
Bike gifts will be sent to the retail store of purchase within 21 days of purchase being registered. All other gifts will be sent
directly to the customer.
If a bike is purchased and returned by a customer, the gift will also have to be returned.
No Rainchecks.

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