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Envirowheels Forrest Sport

Why An Envirowheel Electric Bike Is Right For YOU

Health issue? – Are you a long time cyclist who has suddenly or progressively met with a health issue that prevents normal cycling being enjoyable or practical?  Envirowheels electric bikes can allow this group to continue to enjoy the same freedoms in cycling they had previously.

Getting exercise – Combine commuting to work and regular exercise.  Why not cycle to work using the maximum power setting and arrive at work without the need for a shower.  On the return home journey set the assistance level to low of off completely, to get a great workout.

Portability – Envirobikes are the same size as a regular bike, take them on your holiday or weekend away.   Being able to explore your destinations further can add another dimension to your holiday enjoyment..

Inner city living – Electric bikes are perfect for the city, as you can slice through gridlocked traffic, or even stay ahead, with the powerful, reliable electric motor.

Social transport – Do you just want to enjoy the fun and excitement electric cycling gives, by hitting the trails and bike paths in your leisure time?  Meet up with friends and enjoy an active social life while being fashionable.

Envirowheels Forest City The Worlds BEST Electric Bike ver 2

Keeping up – As a parent or grandparent, you want to be able to keep up with the kids or grand kids, scooting around on their pedal bikes.  Maybe you have a more active partner than yourself.  Keep up in style and ease for hours even outlasting the kids or other more energetic companions and partners.

Low fitness – Are you lacking fitness or confidence to ride?   Electric bikes can allow you to recapture the enjoyment, avoiding the physical strain normal bike riding may give you.  Gradually increase your own physical input, if desired, or just sit back and enjoy riding with minimal effort as you get to your destination.

Flatten hills – Let’s face facts, more people would be cycling if it was not for hills along their commute.   Hills will quickly take away your smile and your enjoyment discouraging you to continue cycling.  With an Envirowheels bicycle now you can smile cycling up to those hills knowing you have their measure and know its building your fitness  as well.

Work commute -You commute each day, from 5 to 50km or more each day, and want to reduce your reliance and cost associated with a car commute.  You may also include your other shorter regular commutes, thus removing the need for a second car.

Envirowheels Urban City The Worlds BEST Electric Bike ver 2

Reduce carbon footprint – Would you like to further reduce your carbon footprint and support sustainable transport?  Our electric bike batteries are 100% recyclable and not harmful to the environment with zero emissions.  Using the renewable solar energy you already capture to charge the battery will further aid the cause.

Best build, quality – Are you looking for a well made electric bike with quality parts and support, backed by an industry best two year warranty on battery and other electrical parts as well as a 5 year warranty of frame?  One that can withstand the rigors of regular use and feel confident when two years from now your investment will still have value.

Support Australian products – Do you want to support an Australian owned and designed product which is built to the highest standards?  The workmanship coming from the people who have been building electric bicycles for the higher standards of the European market, for the last 7 years is now available here in Australia

Car license – Have you just lost your driver’s licence or had it suspended?  Consider an Envirowheels electric bicycle and give yourself an opportunity to rediscover the pleasure of cycling.  Even if you are unfit, the electric bikes will allow you to use mostly the motor power, thus avoiding the physical shock of suddenly having to cycle long distances on a non electric bike.

Envirowheels Urban Sport The Worlds BEST Electric Bike

Envirobike has developed a range of electric bicycles with the needs of the average commuter in mind.

  • Schwalbe Marathon plus –Renowned as the best puncture resistant tyre available.  They come complete with 5mm smart guard protection, and thick schwalbe tubes making punctures a memory.
  • Frame size – You are offered 4 frames sizes for forest and urban models, so you can ride a bike that actually fits you!
  • Hebie Chainglider -The Hebie chainglider completely covers the chain, so no maintenance required, and no ripped or oil stained clothing, is lightweight and easily removed/assembled with no tools.  It also looks good!
  • Security – Forest and Urban models come as standard with insurance approved quality Abus wheel lock.  Battery are also lockable within the rack
  • Nexus hub gears –Shimano nexus 8 speed (forest and urban) or 7 speed (compact) hub gears as standard.  Quick, quiet gear changes, great for hill climbs or descents and simple no pedal gear change during takes offs especially needed at traffic lights.
  • Upright Riding position –Applicable for all our models giving a more natural posture of the spine no wrist strain, more visible, less fatigue combined with plush wide seats makes riding more enjoyable and comfortable.
  • Low/No maintenance – Many of the components were selected for their low maintenance and high quality attributes, thus allowing worry free riding and peace of mind during ownership.
  • LED Display – Placed on handlebars has 6 speed level assistance with indicator, up to 6kph throttle function button, speed indicator with travelled miles, battery charge indicator, screen brightness level, and will give troubleshooting error codes if there is a malfunction.

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CELL Bikes Father's Day Sale ver2

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