Australian Junior Track Championships, Brad & Holly Heffernan take GOLD

Young Guns Brand & Holly Heffernan take GOLD in the Australian Junior Track Championships!

Heffernan GOLD! As good as it gets!Remember the name ‘Heffernan’! In a few short years, Brad & Holly have a chance to be among the new generation of Aussie cycling superstars, ready to give the Cadel’s, Robbie’s, and Anna Meares’ a run for their money!

Holly Heffernan GOLD! First Place Podium!The future of Aussie cycling is very bright indeed, with a new crop of riders with the potential to be shoulder to shoulder with current riders such as: Matt Goss, Cameron Meyer, Mark Renshaw and Anna Meares.

Winning Time 1Brand and Holly have the talent and work ethic to bring home the GOLD in the future, in larger, globally competitive races around the world!

Brad Heffernan 01Keep up the good work Brad & Holly! We wish you the best…and when the day comes, when you turn in your CELL Victors for a LOOK, Colnago, or other international brand…please don’t forget the little Sydney bike shop in Australia that was cheering you on from the beginning! hahaha…best of luck.

Custom Fixies / Build Your Own Fixie!

Being a bicycle lover has never been better!

With many companies offering ‘custom’ colours and builds, you can have your cake…and eat it too!

CELL Custom Fixies allow you to ‘Build Your Own Fixie’ at a price well below the competitions ‘regular’ stock fixies.

Whereas before, you were ‘locked in’ to how your bike looked, as decided by the manufacturer…many companies (including CELL) allow you to choose your:

Frame Size – Frame Colour

Saddle Colour

Grip Colour

as well as the colour of your fixie rims & tyres!

Being an individual has never been easier!

Banzai LifeCycle MTB Fitness Series 2011

Rocky Trail Rookie MTB Cruise ver3
Have you just started mountain biking, or have you been riding a while, and would like to try an organised event aimed at newcomers and beginners?

Are you trying to ride more, but need motivation to get you fully into the swing of things?

Looking to make meet new people, make new friends, and socialise with riders just like you?

Well, then you’re ready for the Rookie Mountain Bike Cruise (aka: BANZAI Lifecycle)!

Banzai Lifecycle MTB FitnessSeries

Rocky Trail gives mountain bikers looking to have a ‘go’ with their own tailor-made mountain bike fitness series for 2011! Four fun events at four spectacular MTB locations. To make it even more beginner friendly, you get to choose your ride, depending on your skill level or how much you want to push yourself.

Riders can choose from 10km, 25km and 40km options on beginner-friendly tracks. You’ll also be timed, so you can keep track of your progress in future events.

These fun and social events are meant for passionate mountain bike riders, no matter if you are a complete beginner, or a keen and competitive rider looking to get started onto more serious riding and competition. There’s something for everyone!

Please Note: Due to a miscommunication, Registration is not FREE! We sincerely apologise…and would like to state that this is solely our fault. Marty runs a great series and depends on registrations to keep events running and to cover operating costs! So please! YOU must register online and NOT rock-up on the day of, expecting FREE registration & entry.

rocky trail entertainment