We Need YOUR Bike & Product Reviews!

Bought something and it’s not up to scratch?

Made a great purchase and you want to let everyone know how great something is?

Do you like HELPing other riders make the best choice for them, based on your experiences?

Your reviews will help others make an educated decision on which product to buy that will suit them best, while your constructive feedback will allow us to know what isĀ  most desirable and reliable bike accessories, components, and gear.

Feel free to write as many customer reviews as you want…it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

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customer revies ver3

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customer revies ver3

2 thoughts on “We Need YOUR Bike & Product Reviews!

  1. I bought a set of “Mr Tuffy Bike Tyre Liners” about half a year ago for my commuter bike tires about half a year ago. I ride about 15kms every day and haven’t had any flats since. Best purchase ever.

    • If you add puncture resistant tubes, you’ll have more weight, but less (or no) punctures! For my city commuter bike, some added rotational weight which is virtually puncture proof, is far more important than being lighter (and being prone to more punctures!).

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