The BEST Bike Shorts?

Cycling Shorts A Primer
by Drew Bourey & Wade Moore

Assos is this a Bargain

Many people confuse “most expensive” with best.

The “best” shorts are those that fit and are most comfortable to you.

What is perfect for your friend may not work for you – our friends have little taste, education, experience or feeling in their butts.

In general, a more expensive pair of shorts will be made better and last longer. Many people find that the $30 (or less) shorts, on special at their on-line favorite discounter, are “the most comfortable short” they have ever worn. These same people seem disappointed when the shorts last only a year.  A $150 pair of shorts over five years, has the same value as a $30 pair that lasts one year. Other people find that if it costs over $100 it has to be comfortable and defines their future expectations.

Shorts, properly washed and not prematurely worn out by an errant saddle bag, should last many seasons. The concept is: first buy what fits, without consideration for cost, then determine the “value” or cost versus the expected longevity of the shorts.

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