More Cygolite Trion 600lumen Bike Light Reviews:

Trion 600 is chosen as “Best of the Best: Interbike SHOW & TELL” by Mountain Bike Action magazine.

We recently tested the Cygolite TridenX light (December “Thrash Tests”) and it looks like the Trion 600 might trump it with a built-in battery and the ability to use external batteries for additional burn hours…………Can’t wait to get one of these on the bar.
-  Mountain Bike Action (January 2009)


CygoLite Trion 600: Triple LED Bike Light with Internal Li-Ion Battery (Sports)

This light is very bright. For comparison, using Osram’s web site(manufacturer of Sylvania head lamps) rates their halogen automobile headlights at 700 to 1000 lumens (low beam). Cygolite rates this light at 600 lumens. Subjectively, this bike light seems to shine further and much whiter than automobile headlights when cars pass me. I really like the much more consistant and whiter characteristics of the LED light than a conventional light (halogen car light for example). I use this item for commuting. Although I have not used it for off-road, I think that it would provide excellent illumination for that purpose also. The light has four power output settings. The third setting is more than adequate for my use. I should also note that this is a very much a driving light (versus a lower powered ‘see me’ light). I use it handle bar mounted. This light can be used as a ‘see me’ light, but I use a separate helmet mounted ‘see me’ light in flash mode for that purpose.

Pluses (7):

  • Very white light
  • Very bright light
  • No need for a separate battery pack (one can be added if desired for extra run time)… small over-all size compared to separate component systems
  • Li-ion battery (less weight and better durability)
  • Well designed/easy to use switches (visually show power settings and remaining battery charge)
  • Safety – it is great to see and be seen… it is hard for vehicles to ignore you with this on… you will also do a lot less ‘feeling’ the road surface because you will be seeing the road surface.
  • USA made

Because LEDs consume roughly 1/8 the power (of a conventional bulb), bulbs tend to last for the life of the product, very little energy is wasted as heat and have a much whiter light, I look for LEDs to eventually become the new lighting standard. As they are beginning to be used for vehicle, trailer and bus tail and marker lights and are starting to replace incondescent and CFL (compact fluorescent) for business and residential applications, I look for them to eventually replace vehicle headlights, etc. They are that much better than anything else currently available. It will just take a little more time for some of the applications to be refined and – more importantly – for the American public to get used to the idea that something new is better and cheaper (over the life of the product) than the old even though they will have to outlay significantly more money upfront (I could easily turn this into how use of LED lighting and biking could significantly reduce our dependance on fossil fuels, but I’ll leave that for a different time and place). Buy a high output LED bike lighteven though your pocket will be lighter, you will not regret it.


As advestised, this light has the ouput of an HID, but is fully contained. I own (2) Nightrider HID lights (blowtorch) and can verify the output is just as good if not better. Being an LED there is no flickering over bumps. The robust design proved itself one evening while I was attempting to adjust the angle on the bars and managed to pop it off the mount altogether at 20+ mph. The light hit the pavement hard, spun and came to a rest after a few dozen feet with only a few scratches. I run the light on medium settings for my morning commute and have had no issues with battery life. Total time is about 1.75 hours daily. Great light for a decent price given the lumens and one piece design. Highly recommended for seeing and being seen.


This was the replacment for my $700 Nitefider Moab, it died after two years. This may do the same but I was ready for a change. I really like no wires, no extra battery pack. It is tough also, I have dropped it at 20 mph on the pavement thought I would have wasted $600 but it worked fine, still does. I do endurance riding and night rides this is good for about 3 hours. For a all nighter you need a couple more. The Moab charge lasted 11 hours, this about 3. I would recommend it. My wife gets mad everytime I buy a new bike part, they are expensive. Better than drinking, smoking and yelling at the kids.


If cables is an issue, the Trion is the light to own. The other manufacturers do not make any lights this powerful that are self-contained with batteries inside the main housing. Before I purchased the Trion, I bought the Triden X 600. The unit came with a stem mount, and all the essentials to mount the battery to the frame. One problem … my stem length of 100mm was too short to mount the battery. (Units with higher outputs have larger batteries than those that have 350 lumens or less.) Attaching the unit to my high-end carbon frame didn’t make sense. It was never an option being that I have an $8000+ professional road bike. 

The Trion is very well made. I find it durable and suitable for extreme weather conditions. The documentation could be written better, but all the essential information is enclosed. Exceeding speeds above 25mph, the Trion with its 600 lumens generates enough light to give me plenty of warning to avoid any potholes, glass or any other obstacle that may be hazardous.

I ride my road bike in harsh conditions. The Trion has performed well in temperatures ranging from 5 to 40 degrees. There has been no problems with the battery life in these conditions. This light has exceeded my expectations. It comes highly recommended.

One thought on “More Cygolite Trion 600lumen Bike Light Reviews:

  1. I’ve owned the Cygolight Trion 600 three months now. It looks great on my road bike bars, is very simple to use, has really white bright light and even on it’s brightest flash mode the battery seems to last forever. I also like that it has no wires tangling around my bike’s frame and the battery charge level indicator is clear and accurate. Costs quite a lot, but like most things in life, you get what you pay for.

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