Best Road Bike For Beginners

The Best Road Bike for Beginners! With so many riders in search of the best road bike for the money in a beginner road bike, the search under $600 is actually pretty small!

So small in fact, that there is only 1 bike that fits the bill! The CELL S-2200 with Shimano SORA STI Gears!

Nothing else comes close, and comes priced at around $1,000 or more!

3 thoughts on “Best Road Bike For Beginners

  1. Hi, just wondering if the prices on the bikes are for a limited time only. I am currently saving a bit of cash up to get one, I’d hate for the price to go back to normal.


    (admin note: mate, call the shop (02) 9565-1899 and we’ll work something out with you)

  2. I have just brought one of these and as for value for money you can not go wrong, brilliant bike just love it !
    Please also note we have put cell bikes on our Global Racing Forum because of their service ,Quality, and Value for money we want the World to Know just how good cell bikes are , this is the link guys.

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