Trizone, Australia’s Best Triathlon Resource for Triathletes!

Trizone, Australia’s Best Triathlon Resource for Triathletes!

Mission de Trizone

Trizone’s mission is to promote and build the sport of triathlon in Australia and New Zealand. While our primary focus is Triathlon we also look to support the associated sports of: duathlon, biathlon, aquathlon and multisport racing.

Trizone’s approach is all about making relevant content easy to find. We partner with industry professionals, sports bodies, clubs, race result organisations, photo providers, reporters, athletes and sports scientists to provide a huge amount of information that will help you go faster and achieve your potential.

Trizone is the brainchild of Karl Hayes and David Stewart, two passionate triathletes who also happen to be seasoned online and publishing professionals with very solid business credentials.

Karl focuses on sprint (and attempting to beat Spot Anderson in at least one race) and olympic distance, is a member of the Balmoral Triathlon Club in Sydney and represented New Zealand at the 2009 ITU triathlon world champs, OD. David is a keen ironman having completed ironman races in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. David also belongs to the Balmoral Triathlon Club.

David was a senior executive with News Digital Media and involved in the launch of several highly successful well known online brands, most recently he was CEO of a large publically listed professional services company. Karl is head of digital at The Intermedia Group responisble for the group’s online operations. These include 13 news websites, and many online directories. Karl has also been a publisher of consumer and business magazines since 1996.

At Trizone we want everyone who is part of the triathlon community to participate and share their knowledge and experiences. Email us at if you would like to contribute and be part of Team Trizone.

Contact Us:

Karl Hayes 0411 341 168 or

David Stewart 0438 108 441 or



Trizone is owned and operated by Balmoral Media Pty Ltd

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