Carbon Road Bikes make you go faster!

Carbon road bikes make you go faster! Why or how you ask?

Comfort! Carbon fiber is not only lighter and stronger, but it also absorbs the typical riding vibrations that would contribute to rider fatigue over the course of a typical medium to long distance ride.

The fresher you feel, the more energy you can use! Carbon road bikes are becoming more prevalent than alloy or steel bikes due to it becoming more and more affordable, while maintaining a high level of quality.

CELL’s full range of carbon road bikes means that we have a racer for almost any budget. While carbon road bikes are becoming more affordable, CELL remains the best value in regards to price, performance, and value.

Lets have a look at the competition.

The Trek Madone 4.7 ($3,999 w/ Shimano Ultegra) is one of Trek’s most popular racers! At just under $4,000, it represents decent value for a bike that is ready to race.

However the new Victor represents the Ultimate in Performance & Value, while costing thousands less!

The Giant TCR Alliance 0 ($2,999 w/ Shimano Ultegra) combines alloy w/ carbon to form this super popular all-round road bike that can “do-it-all”. Giant says the TCR Alliance 1 is a long distance runner with sprinter’s legs!

If you have the extra cash to spend, the TCR is a great bike. However if you want the same performance, while being able to spend thousands less, the Victor is worth a good look!

The Avanti Cadent 2.0 ($3,499.95 w/ Shimano Ultegra) is very similar to the Victor in that it caters to both comfort and performance, rather than just sacrificing comfort for being tenths of a second faster.

We feel our riders appreciate comfort in and out of the saddle, which in turn makes them faster. The Cadent differs with its compact crankset, but other than that, both have rock-solid Shimano Ultegra thoughout.

The Orbea Vento ($4,399) represents great value from Orbea, and is their answer to an affordable carbon road bike with Shimano Ultegra!

Featuring sloping geometry for an extremely stiff ride, the Vento is extremely race-worthy. The Victor is thousands less, but if you don’t mind paying for a European pedigree, the Vento is perfect.

The Specialized Tarmac Expert ($5,299.95) is one of the premier out-of-the box race weapons that can put you on a podium if you’ve got the VO2 max and legs to get you there!

In other words, the bike won’t be the weak link. Although the Tarmac has the same Shimano Ultegra groupset throughout, as with the Victor, there is little else in common! This bike is designed for razor sharp handling, uncompromising stiffness, and is designed to be used by serious riders!

Kids Road Bikes 650c / 24″ Cheap Road Bike for Kids

Good, quality kids road bikes have become harder to find, as most parents looking for a cheap road bike for their kid don’t want cheap parts.

The Cadet is the best value Kids Road Bike on the market today.  Priced at HALF the cost of the competition, but with the same quality parts (Shimano SORA) and professional build as bigger 700c road bikes.

How does the Cadet compare to the competition? Lets have a look:

Felt F-24 ($1,069), featuring Shimano 2200 STI gears is one of the few options for road bikes for kids. The Cadet has Shimano SORA, which is a much better and more expensive gear set, and still comes in under $700 and is more than $300 cheaper!

The Hillbrick ALU 24 ($1,200), come with full Shimano’s SORA 9-speed gear shifting system and is a popular choice for up-and-coming road bike racing younsters.

The Cadet also has Shimano SORA gears, very similar parts, but saves you more than $500!

The Pro-Lite TheOne Childrens Mini Road Race Bike ($1,199),  features Shimano’s 2200 STI gear shifting system as well, along with Pro-Lite

30mm profile, aero spoked wheels.

The Cadet is better value All-Round and should certainly deserve a long-hard-look when buying a serious road bike for your kid!