Christmas is Coming! Summer is Coming (on Tuesday!)

G’day Riders!

We’re all excited about how summer is “officially” coming next tuesday! We also doubly excited since some new CELL Bikes will be coming along with summer!

We’re about to unleash the CELL ‘Rider’, a “people’s” bike of sorts! No frills or bells n whistles…just good, basic, cheap, and most importantly…RELIABLE transportation! Just because it’s cheaper in a department store doesn’t count when you leave it in the shed to rust when it breaks down….and the cost of getting it fixed cost more than the bike! Don’t Fall for False Economy!!!

Also, for the kids! We’ve been listening to all you PARENTS requesting a “proper” road bike, but sized for younger riders who can’t fit on full sizes road bikes, but without paying a small fortune, for a small bike!  The CELL Cadet is coming and will not only make your kid happy because they have a racer just like you, but you’ll be happy because you didn’t pay a BIG Price for a Smaller Bike!

Stay tuned for more!

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