Bicycle Anatomy for Beginners

Five minute video which lovingly zooms into bike parts, and names them. “Want to know your dropout from your downtube? And your seat collar from your seatpost? Watch this guide and you’ll be talking bike in 5 minutes.” The ‘bespoke’ soundtrack was made using bike parts (spokes, gear shifting, disc brake rotor twanging), recorded in my garage and then made into music by Greg Johnston.

Christmas is Coming! Summer is Coming (on Tuesday!)

G’day Riders!

We’re all excited about how summer is “officially” coming next tuesday! We also doubly excited since some new CELL Bikes will be coming along with summer!

We’re about to unleash the CELL ‘Rider’, a “people’s” bike of sorts! No frills or bells n whistles…just good, basic, cheap, and most importantly…RELIABLE transportation! Just because it’s cheaper in a department store doesn’t count when you leave it in the shed to rust when it breaks down….and the cost of getting it fixed cost more than the bike! Don’t Fall for False Economy!!!

Also, for the kids! We’ve been listening to all you PARENTS requesting a “proper” road bike, but sized for younger riders who can’t fit on full sizes road bikes, but without paying a small fortune, for a small bike!  The CELL Cadet is coming and will not only make your kid happy because they have a racer just like you, but you’ll be happy because you didn’t pay a BIG Price for a Smaller Bike!

Stay tuned for more!

An Oldie Buy A Goodie….Lance Armstrong Riding w/ the MASH SF crew!

Lance Armstrong Riding w/ The MASH S.F. Crew….Must See!

Lance Armstrong riding around with the crew from MASH S.F., watch at the end, when he shows ‘em how its done!

Chris The Conquerer

Some of the guys (Tank, John and Michael) were at the UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships and caught up with Australian cycling sensation Chris Sutton.



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Murray to Moyne RIDE FOR CHARITY

Our good friend Brett Goldin and a team of riders are going to smash out 520km to raise money for the Children’s Cancer Centre. This is a great cause and you can read more about it here, hope you all can help because its a great thing Brett is doing.


For more information, check out his twitter or facebook pages

Have a great day and try and dig deep!!

Ultimate City Bike Storage – Japan

The Japanese have come up with a brilliant way of tackling their bike parking problems.

The Guardian in the UK has posted an article about the ‘Bike Tree’ in Japan which can hold up to 6000 bikes. Bikes can be stored at a monthly rate of about 1800 Yen (about $22 AUD) per month.

While there are smaller “bike tree” services out there, the Japanese one takes the cake.




2010 Australian MTB Championships

Hey all you MTB nuts, Eagle Champs web site has just been launched.

The 2010 Australian Mountain Bike National Championships will be held in Adelaide at the purpose built Eagle Mountain Bike Park.

Some of the events include downlhill, 4x, olympic and short course cross country, trials, dirt jumps and pump track.

The above will be taking place from Wednesday the 13th of January till right through to Sunday the 17th.

Confirmed Riders include current World Cup Downhiller Series winner Sam Hill riding for Specialized, with SRAM and Monster Energy. Last year saw included Olympian Jared Graves and up and comers including Crank works 2009 Dual Slalom Junior winner Troy Brosnan and Perth rising start Mitch Delfs.

Cross country racing will feature most of Australia’s recent World MTB Championships Olympian Dan McConnell and highest placed Australian in the under 23 Women’s category, local hero, Terri Rhodes. The fast and furious Short Track racing will see much of the 4X track incorporated into the course.

Eagle Champs Promo by kane Chenoweth from Angus Coombe on Vimeo.


Hey all you bicycle noobs from Sydney, great news. Sydney City Council is pushing a great new initiative to develop more confidence in bike users in Sydney.

Courses are being run for people over the age of 18 interesting in learning some basic maintenance.

You can book online here.



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